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auto repair services in illinoisWe’re a reputable mobile mechanic firm serving the Aurora region since 2005. The main benefit we provide to our customers are our onsite services, meaning you could enjoy the benefit of a trained mobile mechanic working on your automobile from the comfort of your house. We offer a vast selection of car repair services, so regardless of what sort of problem you are currently facing with your vehicle, we are a trustworthy auto mechanic supplier in the Aurora, IL area that you could always depend on. Even when you’re not completely confident what type of fix your automobile needs, we are there to aid you with our own car diagnostics and review services to provide you with a clear picture of the shape of your vehicle.

Is there a trusted mobile mechanic near me in Aurora, Illinois?

We’re delighted to say that the response is positive! Our staff is very experienced in taking care of all types of vehicle repair requests, so in case you are facing any trouble with your vehicle, we are the perfect provider to contact from the Aurora area. Our colleague will drive at your location to provide you with the most suitable automobile repair service you can imagine. It is our goal to save both time & money when it comes to repairing your car.

If you entrust us with repairing your car, you may always anticipate sensible and honest prices from our company. We’ll explain to you in detail what type of repair your vehicle requires and stick to the initial quote, meaning you do not have to confront any awkward surprises throughout and after the repair job. A number of our customers prefer Mobile Mechanic Pros Aurora because whenever they purchase our on-call car mechanic solutions, they can even enjoy lower repair costs compared to taking their automobile to a physical automobile repair shop. Not to mention, the ease of having your car repaired at your own garage.

Our colleagues are aware that your car is an essential investment of yours, and we serve it so with regard and caution. When you purchase our car repair services, you can make certain that your customer experience is going to be our number one priority, and we will perform everything to fix your car swiftly at a really reasonable price.

Among the leading benefits of our auto mechanic services is that we serve our customers with a very flexible schedule to be sure we are available at the moment you need us the most. If your vehicle is stuck on the side of the road or you require urgent help after an accident or your car is at your home, but not starting, just call us, and our colleagues will be with you in no time.

Mobile Mechanic Pros Aurora is nicely equipped to manage most automobile repair solutions, so you may be sure that as soon as you reach out to us, we’ll arrive at your car’s current location well prepared for any kind of challenge and ready to assist.


We are happy to provide you with an online quote on any mobile mechanic service you need. Just fill out the details and if you like the price, we can arrange the appointment straight away!

#1 Mobile Mechanics in Aurora, IL

Call Now: (630) 446-1610

Our auto repair Services in aurora, illinois


If it is important to you to do your vehicle a fantastic service, be certain that you have the oil changed regularly. It's essential that the moving elements of your vehicle engine get lubricated because this contributes a good deal to prolong the life span of your car. This is usually done together with other accustomed mechanic tasks, therefore inspect the car owner's manual you've got from the car manufacturer and be certain that you get brand new engine oil to your car according to the endorsed schedule. This will offer you a much more stable ride and your vehicle will thank for it!


Needless to say, if your brakes aren't operating to perfection, you place yourself, passengers and your car in substantial risk. Examining the brakes is a portion of the standard procedure of our mobile mechanics, so throughout the checks we will tell you if your automobile demands some kind of care brake fix. If you note any indication, that your car brake system isn't at its best, reach out to us and we will find out what precisely the matter is and we'll quickly repair the elements of the system. The apparent signal is when the brake warning light appears, in this scenario, you certainly must receive the necessary car repair service.


It is not an absolute necessity to possess a functioning AC in your automobile, but at precisely the exact same time it adds a lot to your comfort, therefore it can be a real pain if you require an air conditioning repair for your car. Even if you need a similar specific auto repair service, do not panic, because Mobile Mechanic Pros Aurora has you covered! Typically, the culprit is a worn out compressor or a busted condenser, but if there is some other type of issue linked to your vehicle, we'll do a thorough investigation, pinpoint the complication and fix it at your home.


We know the situation if you would like to buy a used automobile, but you're uncertain if it's the ideal decision for you and your family. You wonder, is there a mobile mechanic near me in Aurora to carry out the vehicle inspection before I actually buy it. The good news is that you could always count on us. Our mechanics will do the pre-purchase inspection at the present location of the vehicle and offer you our honest opinion regarding the state of the car. This pre-check will help save you a great deal of headaches and money later on and give you the safe state of mind, that you have made the correct choice when buying (or not purchasing) the car in question.


In many cases, once the check engine light appears, it might be somewhat late and your automobile repair costs could be way too significant. Therefore it's especially crucial that you get your car's engine checked out frequently to be certain that more acute malfunctions are averted. The engine is the most important part of your vehicle, therefore it requires attention and care in order to function correctly. If you discover some odd sounds coming from beneath the hood, be sure to contact the best mobile mechanics in Aurora.


Our auto mechanics just cannot underline it enough times how critical regular vehicle maintenance is for your vehicle. You may save yourself so much trouble if you get your vehicle checked out from year to year so we can identify issues at an early phase and save you an extremely considerable amount in automobile repair expenses. Your producer has suggestions on when particular components of your car are meant to be checked or replaced, but we're also well prepared to deliver such inspections and also make you reasonable recommendations if specific components are worn out and have to be replaced.


Have you ever faced a situation when you get in your automobile, but it is simply not starting? It can be very painful, but our auto mechanic services are very useful under these circumstances. Usually when there's a difficulty with the vehicle's ignition system, it is related to the car's spark plugs as well as the ignition coils, however even if there's another difficulty your car experiences, we're there to help in discovering the specific problem and to rapidly repair it. We recommend to save our number for these cases and you will notice just how much inconvenience we'll save you with our flexible appointments and years of expertise in the field.


It's probably no surprise to you that the vehicle battery, and different elements of the electric system, are very important elements of your vehicle. If you do not react at the first signs of an electrical malfunctioning, it could rapidly escalate to something more serious, so make sure that you get in contact with us should you experience any irregularities linked to your vehicle's battery. It could be the malfunctioning of the alternator, but in some other circumstances, the replacement of the vehicle battery might also be required. Our trained mechanics will find the root cause of the matter and make sure that your vehicle's condition is restored as quickly as possible.

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#1 Mobile Mechanics in Aurora, IL

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Barry from Mobile Mechanic Pros is probably the best mechanic near me in Aurora! I was so pleased with his service, he arrived quickly and fixed my Acura in 45 minutes! Great!

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Mostly I am skeptical with mobile mechanics, but the Mobile Mechanic Pros did such a fantastic job! I needed quick assistance with my Buick and they were sso helpful and professional! Thanks again!

Tim from Naperville

When my Lexus needs to be repaired, I always call these mechanics, they are the best mobile mechanics near me! Does not matter if I need regular maintenance or a malfunction appears, they are quick to react and affordable. 

Ed from Chicago

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